Committed and Driven to Achieving Shared Goals

We unleash innovation to solve our generation’s greatest challenges; and with a clear understanding of partners’ financial values, goals, and concerns, we help formulate strategic and action plans to address and accomplish your vision.

Ethraa is investment development & management and investor group specialized in  concession design for real estate, infrastructure , agriculture and energy  projects.

The approach is hybrid combination of investment structuring coupled with development management expertise that enable Ethraa to manage  development programs for real estate, infrastructure, agriculture and energy projects allowing the partner/client/governments to achieve national, strategic and financial objective through innovative/smart finance scenarios and with defined exit strategy.

Our Due Diligence review and Critical Success Factors (CSF) audit had been concluded in producing the self financed concession model; which comprehensively constitute an added value solution for the sovereign client. Ethraa has the expertise to manage both burdens and ambitions associated with the framework, which are defined as but not limited to:

  1. Developing an asset based investment concession structure in partnership with the government; which will reduce the contribution of Sovereign Client while enable the subscriptions of broader institutional investors and without Sovereign financial guarantee.

  2. Investment Structuring to generate viable economic concession.

  3. Creating a governance platform of sustain feasibility, mitigate risks; and increase the added values, while initiating a synergy with the national development goals.

  4. Social and economic balanced one stop shop investment project.

Ethraa will deploy credible expertise to design the investment concession structures based on our delivered projects and team of experts.


Ethraa is established by pioneers in areas of investment development and management who have experienced the acute global need for knowledge based decisions required to take business processing to a world renown level of Reliability, Accountability, Sustainability and Convenience.

Activities & Values

Our values enable us to bridge the consensus and activities between shareholders and stakeholders, securing the adequacy of engagements.


The Trio gear for sustainability depends on the synchronized actions among its motors. This has to address both frameworks and themes.


Our Competencies

We are dedicated to providing exceptional investment and management services to help public and private sectors achieve their goals and to retain their competitive advantage.

The combination of our pooled knowledge, technical capacities, above-average commitment and high level of professionalism, are what makes us uniquely positioned to respond to business’s challenges by analyzing and innovating current end-user experiences across key interfaces, channels and services.


    We help businesses succeed by identifying granular growth opportunities to improve their performance

    • Diverse Global Business Exposure
    • Alliance with the Int’l Banking System
    • Advanced Geopolitical Sensitivity
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    Expanding and leading global industries; we embrace and fully comply with the registration and disclosure requirements.

    • Professional Expertise & Readiness
    • Pool of Outsourced Capacities
    • Excellent Business Intelligence

    Ethraa Investments Ltd is an early stage investor within which the portfolio value is increasing at a compound annual growth rate.

    • History of $40 billion Engagements
    • Effective Tools of Management
    • Innovative Managing Approaches